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Seasons of magic

A personal project illustrating rituals that celebrate the changing seasons. As part of this project I will create and illustrate rituals celebrating the beginning of spring, summer, fall and winter as well as the mid points of each season, also called the wheel of the year in pagan and wiccan circles. I will also illustrate smaller everyday rituals like making a simple herbal tea from seasonal herbs or a seasonal craft or meal. I hope to be able to capture through art a bit of the magic and connection with nature that I experience through each ritual.

Midsummer — Celebrating Lammas, festival of grain and the first summer harvest of tomatoes, fruit and echinacea flowers.

Celebrating Summer Solstice with a crown of wild rose, peony and elder flowers, along with a ribbon snake symbolizing fertility and rebirth.

New Moon Emerging — A time to begin anew, emerging with the wild wood lilies that blanket our woods in the spring.