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Rewilding — restoring human connection to nature with art and garden

Rewilding — Restoring Human Connection To Nature With Art And Garden

In the wake of the devastating report from the UN on the state of biodiversity on the planet—one million species at risk of extinction because of human activity—I stumbled on the term rewilding. Rewilding is restoring human connection to nature. After all WE ARE NATURE! (as I can often be heard yelling at news reporters, nature documentary narrators and other well meaning people, who still seem to think nature is something OUT THERE that we maybe can save, maybe not, as if it had nothing to do with human life!) Rewilding could be eating wild foods, allowing part of your property to grow wild, restoring an ecosystem, creating environmental art, spending time immersed in the environment. Seeing the beautiful work people are doing to rewild their small corner of earth is helping me get through the grief for our hurting planet. For me, working on drawing plants for my 100 day project feels like little earth meditations every day. I love taking the time to observe the plants so closely. And, of course, working on our small homestead, adding more food plants, native gardens, and incorporating more permaculture practices, is the best therapy—for us and I hope for the planet.

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